Tieraona's Five Essential Winter Recipes

Tieraona's Five Essential Winter Recipes

Give your immune system a boost, lessen the severity of colds, and treat a cough without a trip to the pharmacy! These 5 recipes will help keep you healthy all winter long.


Tieraona's Five Essential Winter Recipes


An 8-page guide to staying healthy all winter long, using only what you may already have in your kitchen. Dr. Low Dog has prepared 5 delicious, time-honored, guilt-free recipes with super healthy ingredients.

Stay at your peak this winter, learn new recipes and give a boost to old favorites (such as Chicken soup with a punch!) with Tieraona's Five Essential Winter Recipes!

Educational Resources

Please note: These are all eBooks (think Kindle) that you will download to your preferred Internet connected devices (computer, cell phone, or tablet) to read. They are not physical bound books.

    Healing Heartburn Naturally

    There has been an explosion in the number of people experiencing heartburn and acid reflux, with tens of millions prescribed potent acid-suppressing medications. Though these medications are necessary for those with severe forms of reflux, they have a significant downside, especially when taken for extended periods. In this eBook, integrative medicine expert Tieraona Low Dog, MD, illustrates the critical role stomach acid plays in our overall wellbeing and how long-term acid suppression is associated with increased health risks. Learn how diet, lifestyle, and natural therapies can alleviate your heartburn and acid reflux while restoring and optimizing gut health. For the Paperback & Kindle versions please visit Amazon.com.

    In this eBook (think Kindle), you will learn:

    1. The pivotal role stomach acid plays in maintaining our health.
    2. The dangers of long-term acid suppression
    3. Which micronutrients are depleted with acid suppression.
    4. How diet really impacts acid reflux.
    5. The dietary supplement that can effectively squelch heartburn
    6. The power of herbal medicine to heal and restore gut health.
    7. Protocol for heapng heartburn naturally.
    8. How to safely taper off acid-suppressing medications
    9. Strategies for optimizing health if long-term acid suppression is necessary.

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    Spices that Heal

    Ten Healing Herbs & Spices: And the Science that Supports Them. In this e-book (100+ pages), Dr. Low Dog shares some of the magic of culinary herbs and spices, which are backed by more than heartwarming, anecdotal stories - they are backed by science.

    Here’s a quick glance at Dr. Low Dog’s top 10:
    1. Ginger
    2. Cinnamon
    3. Thyme
    4. Sage
    5. Oregano
    6. Turmeric
    7. Cayenne
    8. Saffron
    9. Rosemary
    10. Star Anise

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    Natural Allergy Remedies Mini-eBook

    A very short (5 pages) guide to beating seasonal allergies naturally. These remedies are hand-picked by Dr. Low Dog to be easy to find and prepare, and don't come with the same side effects as over the counter medications. For quick allergy relief, these little bundles are a godsend, and a bargain!

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