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Medicine Lodge Academy

Medicine Lodge Academy is an herbal and natural medicine school founded by Tieraona Low Dog, MD located in the heart of New Mexico’s Santa Fe National Forest.

We firmly believe that medicine belongs to the people, and draw inspiration from the indigenous lore of the medicine bear who walked the medicine road to hand his knowledge down to us.

Here you will learn from the multi-generational wisdom of healers, blended with the best information modern science has to offer. Individuals can hone their personal knowledge, and practitioners will deepen the expertise they share with their patients.

Through our online courses, digital educational tools, and hands-on herbal retreat classes at our ranch, you will have access to the resources to make yourself & your family both healthier and more whole.

We seek the seekers, and Medicine Lodge Ranch is our way of handing medicine forward. We invite you to take your health and happiness into your own hands by joining us at Medicine Lodge Academy.

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Online Courses in

Natural Medicine

After teaching natural medicine to thousands of students from her living room to academic centers, Tieraona Low Dog, MD has finally brought her wisdom and expertise directly to your computer. We are proud to offer a range of online courses focusing on a multitude of health topics, designed to keep you and your family well.

    This free course is the easiest way to get started making a few of Dr. Low Dog’s favorite herbal recipes in your own home kitchen, and we hope you will love this gift from all of us at the ranch. This course is designed for those interested in beginning their herbal medicine making journey.

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    Making herbal medicine at home is the most cost effective way to keep your family healthy, and this course is an easy way to get started. Stock your home with products like tinctures, salves, glycerites and herbal honeys through this educational program that you can access from any of your devices.

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    Founded on the belief that everything in our lives is part of our medicine road. This course will teach you to optimize your health and wellbeing across the many facets of your life, from the food we eat, to the company we keep, our thoughts, and our relationship with ourselves.

    Life Is Your Best Medicine empowers you with the tools you need to live a naturally healthy life.

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    Foundations in Herbal Medicine is an in-depth online course teaching herbal & natural medicine, led by Tieraona Low Dog, MD.

    The course includes over 500 hours of content, a private Facebook group, and written course material. Practitioners will learn the rich history of herbal medicine along with the best of modern medical research.

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Looking for the perfect gift?

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Gift the gift of wisdom

Sometimes a bit of love and a little nudge is all it takes to take the first steps down a new path. Transform someone’s world today.

Study at The Ranch

Study at The Ranch

Several times per year Tieraona invites students to the Ranch for in-person herbal retreats

Join Tieraona for the next herbal retreat

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Educational Resources

Please note: These are all eBooks (think Kindle) that you will download to your preferred Internet connected devices (computer, cell phone, or tablet) to read. They are not physical bound books.

    Healing Heartburn Naturally

    There has been an explosion in the number of people experiencing heartburn and acid reflux, with tens of millions prescribed potent acid-suppressing medications. Though these medications are necessary for those with severe forms of reflux, they have a significant downside, especially when taken for extended periods. In this eBook, integrative medicine expert Tieraona Low Dog, MD, illustrates the critical role stomach acid plays in our overall wellbeing and how long-term acid suppression is associated with increased health risks. Learn how diet, lifestyle, and natural therapies can alleviate your heartburn and acid reflux while restoring and optimizing gut health. For the Paperback & Kindle versions please visit

    In this eBook (think Kindle), you will learn:

    1. The pivotal role stomach acid plays in maintaining our health.
    2. The dangers of long-term acid suppression
    3. Which micronutrients are depleted with acid suppression.
    4. How diet really impacts acid reflux.
    5. The dietary supplement that can effectively squelch heartburn
    6. The power of herbal medicine to heal and restore gut health.
    7. Protocol for heapng heartburn naturally.
    8. How to safely taper off acid-suppressing medications
    9. Strategies for optimizing health if long-term acid suppression is necessary.

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    Spices that Heal

    Ten Healing Herbs & Spices: And the Science that Supports Them. In this e-book (100+ pages), Dr. Low Dog shares some of the magic of culinary herbs and spices, which are backed by more than heartwarming, anecdotal stories - they are backed by science.

    Here’s a quick glance at Dr. Low Dog’s top 10:
    1. Ginger
    2. Cinnamon
    3. Thyme
    4. Sage
    5. Oregano
    6. Turmeric
    7. Cayenne
    8. Saffron
    9. Rosemary
    10. Star Anise

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    Natural Allergy Remedies Mini-eBook

    A very short (5 pages) guide to beating seasonal allergies naturally. These remedies are hand-picked by Dr. Low Dog to be easy to find and prepare, and don't come with the same side effects as over the counter medications. For quick allergy relief, these little bundles are a godsend, and a bargain!

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    Tieraona's Five Essential Winter Recipes

    Give your immune system a boost, lessen the severity of colds, and treat a cough without a trip to the pharmacy! These 5 recipes will help keep you healthy all winter long.

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Ready to learn herbal medicine?

Our first year at the Ranch, many of us dubbed it as our “Summer Camp for Grown Ups.” Over the years it has been such a wonderful experience that I couldn’t put a price on. Like meeting new like-minded friends, exploring one’s own nature and the relationship with the plants as you learn their gifts, are just a few.

You will begin to grow in ways that astound you, in addition to learning all about the herb world from the very best there is to learn from, OUR DEN MOTHER, Tieraona! She is the gift worth traveling for, again and again.

Bren Bennett

The Foundations in Herbal Medicine course has been an extraordinary experience. Dr. Low Dog is a gifted teacher, herbalist, physician, and humanitarian. Through her lectures, case studies, and regular involvement in our Facebook community, I have gained a deeper understanding of the ways in which I can support my own health and that of my patients using foods and plant-based medicine.

Her knowledge of botanical medicine and its application to modern medicine is expansive, well supported by evidence and experience- she is a leader in the field. Workshops at the Medicine Ranch are intimate, experiential deep dives into the world of herbal medicine- and among the most memorable teaching moments of my 30 year medical career.

Andrea Fossati, MD

I first heard Dr. Low Dog speak at a pediatric conference regarding herbs and supplements. When I heard her speak I was amazed at her depth of knowledge regarding current trials and research, who should be using these products, and how. Her passion and experience for not just health care, but holistic and wholistic health care, and her expansive life knowledge as a midwife, massage therapist, mother, herbalist, physician makes her the ultimate teacher.

After two years of studying her online course Foundations in Herbal Medicine, I took the opportunity to study at her Medicine Lodge in New Mexico. It was marvelous meeting other practitioners who have the same passions in healing and health in a beautiful relaxing setting. It was more like a retreat where you can study what you love with fellow students who were all so supportive and friendly. Collaborative learning at its finest with careful guidance and teaching by Dr. Low Dog. I have never met a better teacher and mentor regarding the practice of medicine, herbal medicine, and integrative medicine. I take every opportunity to learn from Dr. Low Dog when I can.

Misha Martin

Dr Low Dog's Foundations course offers a solid, science-driven introduction to herbal medicine. It expanded and clarified much of my own study and has given my herb shop a high level of respect in the medical community.

Dr. Low Dog is clear, thorough, and an all-around excellent instructor. I highly recommend her courses for anyone looking for science-driven (but not pedantic) knowledge.

Sara Thornton