Master Herbal Medicine

Are you a healthcare professional with a passion for plants? If so, you will love the new Foundations in Herbal Medicine. Originally derived from a nine-month residential program, Foundations is an online, distance-learning herbal and natural medicine program, founded and taught by Tieraona Low Dog, MD.

Foundations is designed to teach clinicians how to confidently integrate herbal medicine into a clinical setting effectively and responsibly. 

This highly comprehensive multimedia course allows you to learn about herbs from the roots up—from pharmacology and herbal preparations to their impact on all the body’s systems. Combining the rich history of herbal medicine with the best of research, Foundations will help you understand how herbal medicines fit into our modern health care system.

Dr. Low Dog: Internationally Recognized Herbal Expert and Teacher

In addition to her deep knowledge of the plant world, Dr. Low Dog has an uncanny ability to distill difficult material, enabling her to teach the latest botanical research and complex medical concepts in a warm and user-friendly fashion.

With her vast clinical experience and constant review of the research, she’s able to sift through hearsay and hyperbole, presenting a credible combination of traditional and evidence-based herbal knowledge in an inspiring format.

Over 500 hours of Multimedia Resources

The new Foundations uses videos of Dr. Low Dog’s classroom lectures, written course material, and a private online group page to create a substantial and comprehensive learning program. Here are some of the many resources available to Fellowship students:

  • 500+ hours of content from Tieraona Low Dog MD, an internationally recognized expert in herbal and integrative medicine
  • An exclusive Facebook group for students to share successes, ask questions and seek expertise from colleagues and Dr. Low Dog.
  • Lifetime access to course material and Facebook group, as well as summer intensives
  • 10% off discount at Mountain Rose Herbs, purveyor of high-quality herbs, spices, teas & DIY supplies
  • 15% off all Medicine Lodge Ranch products 

Designed for Health Care Professionals and Herbal Enthusiasts

Foundations is designed to serve as a platform for individuals who wish to explore the role of natural medicine within the broader context of health and contains core material oriented toward clinicians.

It presents herbal medicine within an integrated and holistic framework, discussing relevant nutritional interventions and dietary supplements where appropriate. The course is structured and self-guided, with most students completing the program in 24 months.

Clinicians will come away with confidence about incorporating herbal and natural medicine into their practice, and non-clinicians will be able to serve their community as holistic health educators and providers of herbal care.

Program participants can choose to achieve one or two certification levels:

Certificate of Completion

To earn the certificate of completion in Foundations in Herbal Medicine, students must complete all online course work including all online case studies, attend one summer Foundations intensive for hands-on training in field identification and medicine making, and successfully submit and receiving a passing grade on one of the following: a comprehensive case study that includes patient/client history OR a 20-page pre-approved thesis of a topic related to medical herbalism.

(Note: for overseas students, please inquire about alternatives to the in-person training intensive).

Clinical Herbalism Certificate

For Foundations graduates who, in addition to the above, attend and actively participate in a minimum of 20 hours of supervised case studies under the mentorship of Dr. Low Dog, will receive an additional certification in Clinical Herbalism. This 20-hour requirement can be met by attending a three-day summer intensive offered annually at Medicine Lodge Ranch in Pecos, New Mexico.

Graduates of the program will also, upon completing the case-study intensive, be able to apply to the American Herbalists Guild, for an RH (AHG) credential as well as access to the Guild’s support and benefits.

To become registered with the American Herbalists Guild:

  • Practitioners must complete the program and attend the Foundations in Herbal Medicine three-day case study intensive and then complete the AHG registration application process
  • Non-practitioners will be well on their way to meeting AHG requirements after completing this two-year, 500-hour program

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    Course Curriculum

    A Brief Summary from Dr. Tieraona Low Dog

    Herbal Pharmacology

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    5 Videos 9 Modules 3 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Herbal Pharmacology Notes
    • Herbal Pharmacology Video 1
    • Herbal Pharmacology Video 2
    • Herbal Pharmacology Video 3
    • Herbal Pharmacology Video 4
    • Herbal Pharmacology Video 5
    • Herbal Pharmacology Unit: Practice Quiz
    • Quiz Notes
    • Herbal Pharmacology Unit: Final Quiz

    Herbal Actions

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    6 Videos 10 Modules 5.5 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Herbal Actions: Video Notes
    • Herbal Actions Video 1
    • Herbal Actions Video 2
    • Herbal Actions Video 3
    • Herbal Actions Video 4
    • Herbal Actions Video 5
    • Herbal Actions Video 6
    • Herbal Actions Unit: Practice Quiz
    • Quiz Notes
    • Herbal Actions Unit: Final Quiz

    Herbal Preparations

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    2 Videos 8 Modules 2 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Herbal Preparations Chapter by Tieraona Low Dog
    • MD
    • Herbal Preparations PreWork
    • Additional Materials
    • Herbal Preparations: Video 1
    • Herbal Preparations: Video 2
    • Herbal Preparations Unit: Practice Quiz
    • Quiz Notes
    • Herbal Preparations Unit: Final Quiz

    Herbal Formulations

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    1 Videos 2 Modules 1.5 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Herbal Formulations Video Notes
    • Herbal Formulations: Video

    Gastrointestinal System

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    7 Videos 11 Modules 7 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Gastrointestinal System: Video Notes
    • Gastrointestinal System: Video 1
    • Gastrointestinal System: Video 2
    • Gastrointestinal System: Video 3
    • Gastrointestinal System: Video 4
    • Gastrointestinal System: Video 5
    • Gastrointestinal System: Video 6
    • Gastrointestinal System: Video 7
    • Gastrointestinal System: Additional Reading Materials
    • Gastrointestinal System: Unit Case Study
    • Gastrointestinal System: Case Study Video - Tieraona's Take

    Dietary Supplements

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    14 Videos 70 Modules 9 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Introduction to Dietary Supplements
    • ​What is a \Dietary Supplement\?
    • ​Quality of Dietary Supplements
    • ​Prevalence and Demographics of Dietary Supplement Usage
    • ​Dietary Supplements: Safety Overview
    • Reporting An Adverse Event
    • Understanding Nutrients and Nutritional Status
    • ​Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion
    • ​Understanding Terminology: RDA
    • DRI
    • UL and DV
    • ​Deconstructing The Dietary Supplement Label
    • ​Dietary Supplement Delivery Forms
    • ​The \Other Ingredients\ In Dietary Supplements
    • Vitamins
    • Vitamin A: Retinoids
    • Vitamin A: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin A: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin B1: Thiamin(e)
    • Vitamin B1: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin B1: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin B2: Riboflavin
    • Vitamin B2: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin B2: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin B3: Niacin
    • Vitamin B3: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin B3: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin B5: Pantothenic Acid
    • Vitamin B5: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin B5: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin B6: The pyroxidines
    • Vitamin B6: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin B6: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin B7: Biotin
    • Vitamin B7: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin B7: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin B9: Folate/Folic Acid
    • Vitamin B9: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin B9: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin B12: Cobalamin
    • Vitamin B12: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin B12: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin C: Ascorbic Acid
    • Vitamin C: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin C: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin D
    • Vitamin D: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin D: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin E: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin E: Mini Quiz Answer
    • Vitamin K
    • Vitamin K: Mini Quiz
    • Vitamin K: Mini Quiz Answers
    • What Are Minerals? Introduction
    • Calcium
    • Calcium: Mini Quiz
    • Calcium: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Magnesium
    • Magnesium: Mini Quiz
    • Magnesium: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Iron
    • Iron: Mini Quiz
    • Iron: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Iodine
    • Iodine: Mini Quiz
    • Iodine: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Zinc
    • Zinc: Mini Quiz
    • Zinc: Mini Quiz Answers
    • Selenium
    • Potassium

    Nutrition Prescription

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    1 Videos 2 Modules 2.5 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Nutrition Prescription: Video Notes
    • Nutrition Prescription: Video

    Nervous & Immune System

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    3 Videos 10 Modules 5 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Nervous & Immune System: Video Notes
    • Nervous & Immune System: Video 1
    • Nervous & Immune System: Video 2
    • Nervous & Immune System: Video 3
    • Nervous & Immune System: Additional Reading
    • Nervous & Immune System: Practice Unit Quiz
    • Quiz Notes
    • Nervous & Immune System: Unit Quiz
    • Nervous & Immune System: Unit Case Study
    • Nervous & Immune System: Case Study Video - Tieraona's take

    The Skin

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    2 Videos 9 Modules 4 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • The Skin: Video Notes
    • The Skin: Video 1
    • The Skin: Video 2
    • The Skin: Additional Reading
    • The Skin: Practice Unit Quiz
    • Quiz Notes
    • The Skin: Unit Quiz
    • The Skin: Unit Case Study
    • The Skin: Case Study Video - Tieraona's Take

    Respiratory System

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    9 Videos 15 Modules 7.5 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Respiratory System: Video Notes
    • Respiratory System: Video 1
    • Respiratory System: Video 2
    • Respiratory System: Video 3
    • Respiratory System: Video 4
    • Respiratory System: Video 5
    • Respiratory System: Video 6
    • Respiratory System: Video 7
    • Respiratory System: Video 8
    • Respiratory System: Additional Reading
    • Respiratory System Unit: Practice Quiz
    • Quiz Notes
    • Respiratory System: Unit Quiz
    • The Respiratory System Case Study
    • The Respiratory System: Case Study Video - Tieraona's Take

    Cardiovascular System

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    4 Videos 10 Modules 8 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Cardiovascular System: Video Notes
    • Cardiovascular System: Video 1
    • Cardiovascular System: Video 2
    • Cardiovascular System: Video 3
    • Cardiovascular System: Additional Reading
    • Cardiovascular System Unit: Practice Quiz
    • Quiz Notes
    • Cardiovascular System: Unit Quiz
    • Cardiovascular System: Case Study
    • Cardiovascular System: Case Study Video - Tieraona's Take

    Women’s Health

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    8 Videos 16 Modules 13.5 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Women's Health: Video Notes
    • Women's Health: Video 1
    • Women's Health: Video 2
    • Women's Health: Video 3
    • Women's Health - Part One: Practice Quiz
    • Women's Health - Part One: Quiz Notes
    • Women's Health - Part One: Unit Quiz
    • Women's Health (Part One): Case Study
    • Women's Health (Part One): Case Study Video - Tieraona's Take
    • Women's Health: Video 4
    • Women's Health: Video 5
    • Women's Health: Video 6
    • Women's Health: Video 7
    • Women's Health: Video 8
    • Women's Health: Additional Reading
    • Women's Health - Part Two: Practice Quiz
    • Women's Health - Part Two: Quiz Notes
    • Women's Health - Part Two: Unit Quiz
    • Women's Health (Part Two): Case Study
    • Women's Health (Part Two): Case Study Video - Tieraona's Take

    Urinary System

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    2 Videos 7 Modules 4.5 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Urinary System: Video Notes
    • Urinary System: Video 1
    • Urinary System: Video 2
    • Urinary System: Additional Reading
    • Urinary System Unit: Practice Quiz
    • Quiz Notes
    • Urinary System: Unit Quiz
    • Urinary System: Case Study
    • The Urinary System: Case Study Video - Tieraona's Take

    Musculoskeletal System

    Foundations in Herbal Medicine
    6 Videos 11 Modules 10 Hours

    Curriculum Details

    • Musculoskeletal System: Video Notes
    • Musculoskeletal System: Video 1 (Basics)
    • Musculoskeletal System: Video 2 (Basics)
    • Musculoskeletal System: Video 3 (Basics)
    • Musculoskeletal System: Video (Fibromyalgia)
    • Musculoskeletal System: Video (Lupus)
    • Musculoskeletal System: Video (Osteoporosis)
    • Musculoskeletal System: Additional Reading
    • Musculoskeletal System Unit: Practice Quiz
    • Quiz Notes
    • Musculoskeletal System: Unit Quiz
    • Musculoskeletal System: Case Study

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should take this course?

    “Foundations” contains core material that is oriented towards health care professionals. While the course focuses on herbal medicine, relevant nutritional interventions and dietary supplements are discussed where appropriate. I​n other words, we teach herbal medicine within an integrated and holistic framework.

    Do I have to be a health professional to take this course?

    Not necessarily. Many of our students have gotten their start in herbal medicine with this very course. One of our top students was previously a high school principal!

    When does the course start and finish?

    You can start whenever you are ready, and will have lifetime access to the course once you purchase it.

    How do I access the course?

    Once you complete your purchase, within a few minutes you will be emailed with a link to access the course. If you have not received your email within a half hour or so, please reach out to us at support@medicinelodgeranch.

    How long do I have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

    Will I receive anything upon completion of the course?

    A framed Certificate of Completion will be mailed out to all students who complete the course. Additionally, this course will help you qualify for designations from groups like the American Herbalist Guild.

    Do I have to join Foundations private Facebook group?

    No, but it is highly recommended. We've created a private Facebook group page just for our Foundations students as a way for everyone to participate in our community. This will be the ongoing place for Q&As with Dr. Low Dog and all other classmates. We're always adding resources to help everyone get the most out of the course. If you don't have a Facebook account, we can help you get set up in a very private way.

    Do I have to attend the Summer Intensives?

    No, but Dr. Low Dog highly recommends that you attend at least one while you are studying. The Summer Intensives are totally optional 3-day Herbal Intensive classes offered each summer at Dr. Low Dog’s ranch in northern New Mexico will provide hands-on training to complement the curriculum.

    Do you give CE credits?

    No Continuing Education credits are available for this course because Dr. Low Dog wanted to be able to discuss specific herbal products, traditional & cultural herbal remedies, and keep the tuition costs as low as possible.

    What if I am unhappy with the course?

    We would never want you to be unhappy with one of our courses! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.