Discover Your Medicine Road

Life is Your Best Medicine is an online course designed to change the way you look at your health. Dr. Low Dog has spent her career finding bridges between multigenerational wisdom and the science infused in her through her extensive education, and this course is her way of sharing what she has learned.

Life is Your Best Medicine is founded on the belief that your wellness is impacted by your medicine road: the food you eat, the company you keep, the thoughts you think, and your relationship with yourself.

Another source of inspiration is the indigenous belief in the medicine bear who, standing on two legs, brought medicine in the form of herbs, songs, prayers, and teachings to the people. Dr. Low Dog firmly believes medicine lies within each of us, and she offers her profound knowledge so you can use it to make yourself and your family healthier and more whole.

A Personal Guide to Crafting Your Path

Life is Your Best Medicine provides information on how to optimize your health and well-being across the many facets of your life. The course features lectures, one-on-one chats with Dr. Low Dog, downloads for health and healing on the go, and empowers you with the tools you need to live a naturally healthy life.

Here are some of the many topics we'll explore together in this course:

  • A deep dive into the Nutrition Prescription: carbs, low glycemic load diets, proteins, gluten-free, fats, low FODMAP diets, the role of healing spices, and much more
  • What you’ll need to stock your home medicine chest to care for minor health problems
  • How to create and implement your own FITT Prescription
  • Benefits of aromatherapy and how to make your own aromatherapy oil, scrub, and mister
  • The state of sleep in America and science based strategies for getting a better night’s sleep
  • The state of sleep in America and science based strategies for getting a better night’s sleep
  • The journey to the sacred, reclaiming your spirituality
  • Lots of resources and sources of information (e.g., books, websites, CDs, apps, and more)

    And so much more!

    Your path through life is your medicine road, and everything you do in your life affects the road you take.

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